Bend to California

We made it! We left Fort Lewis behind and the energy in the car was crazy. The look of relief on Jacob’s face was I happy sight since I was sort of expecting him to feel sad about leaving the Army.


Doesn’t the picture say it all?

So off to Bend we went, visiting my best friend since 6th grade and her family. It was so nice to reconnect and I could feel the stress of Army life melting away. Also, the food scene in Bend is outrageous! So many good, different, local eats to choose from. I’m pretty sure I had a Sparrow Bakery Ocean Roll every day we were there.  And this coffee shop has the most delicious lavender lattes. Thanks for all the new addictions Megan ;) 

We said our “see ya laters” after a few days and then we headed to Sacramento where we will be for the Holidays. The girls were SO excited to see their grandparents and I was so excited to finally relax. Moving is stressful and we still aren’t done, but there is something special about being home. 5 days later, I left the Little Wheelers behind and jetted off with my aunt for a quick Disneyland trip. I was a little bit excited. 

You guys, I had NEVER been away from Hazel over night. I would love to say it was hard and I really missed my kids but I truly needed this break. It was so freeing to see a child having a meltdown and be able to walk in the opposite direction!

Since Disneyland, my days have been filled with stock car races, date nights, hanging out with my mom, and of course the girls. They just love it here!! 

Stay tuned for more ADVENTURES. We still have a ways to go. 



The Big 2-1

So I have survived my 21st birthday!

Not that it took very much effort.

This year I just didn’t feel very “birthday-ey”

But my best friend from college was here so we just HAD to celebrate.

I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends and have someone who was willing to fly al the way to Washington just to see me. We had an awesome time seeing the sights in Seattle, walking around Pike’s Place Market, and experience my first legal drink. Whoo hoo!

Today, I am spending my third day at my new job! Nanny my two favorite boys. Catching up on Sesame Street and laughing at the hilarious things these to say.


best. job. ever.


Birthday Sabbatical

I will be off the radar for a few days celebrating by 21st birthday and hanging out with my bff from college Mineko.


Oh and my new obsession, the instagram app. Go download it now!