Permanent Dishpan Hands and Other Obstacles

After three, yes THREE days of sneaking off during nap times and bed times I finally finished our move out clean and never want to touch a sponge/magic eraser/mop/dusting rag ever again.

The thing about cleaning like this is that it really shows you how low your daily standards of clean are…

The surprising new is we only racked up $130 in charges from our housing company! Some of you may think that’s a lot but if you’ve ever moved out of military housing you know those people are p-i-c-k-y.

Let’s just say I would never windex all my windows inside AND out if they hadn’t required it. Who has the time?

Or I’m a slob, either way. Not doing it.

So we have cleared housing, survived two days of movers, consumed 4 bottles of wine (I share you guys) and now are packing to leave TOMORROW! I can hardly believe it. Today was Jake’s last day in uniform and to say it is bittersweet is the understatement of the century. We really do love the Army and the adventures it has given us. Army life has a was of making you really see your spouse as your teammate and nothing bonds us together better than the “us against the world” mentality. We really will miss the community and the bond we feel as a “military family” but we are also so excited to see what life is like on the other side. It may not be greener but it will be a new challenge and the Wheeler family sort of thrives on that kind of thing.

So now we head to Bend, OR for a few days to see The Marsh Family and I can’t wait! Bend is a little mountain town in Oregon that is so so beautiful and has an awesome food scene, which corresponds with my favorite hobby, eating. Megan, matriarch of the Marsh Family, and I have been friends since 6th grade so there will be lots of shenanigans going on. From there, we drive down to my hometown in California just in time for my sweet niece’s 1st birthday party!


Between now and the end of January we have 70 hours of driving planned and I am so excited, but also sort of terrified because a baby and a threenager do not make the best travel companions. I am looking forward to blogging about the whole thing though and getting to take our time (for once). A perfect beginning to a life that isn’t tracked by government leave time. Can I get an Amen?!


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