Time After Time(line)

Why is moving so annoying?

I’m getting ahead of myself here of course because moving for military personnel, while frequent, is actually pretty smooth sailing. The movers come, they pack up your boxes, you run around trying to make sure they don’t pack the trash or your PCS binder, and then they leave; taking with them all your belongings and cares.

I mean, theoretically.

Obviously there is a lot more that goes into moving, but as far as the ACTUAL moving of your tchotchkes, we’ve got it pretty good.

So for me, the annoyance is the waiting. You have to clean and pack your suitcases and stuff but that’s all kind of impossible until the movers are done. So the anticipation of moving is there, but you can’t really do much about it. That’s where I’m at.

A timeline for you all…

Monday-wait around, take stuff off the wall, make impressive Dutch baby for breakfast (again), try to decide how long you can wait to do the FINAL load of dishes.

Tuesday-make a pretend effort at cleaning out the medicine cabinets and junk drawers, ponder over heels that you swear up and down you will wear again someday, go buy some totes for organizational purposes. Fill totes with stuff animals.

Wednesday- Oh no! Movers are coming tomorrow! Quickly stuff all belongings you will absolutely need as well as a whole freaking box of toys into the car and assess how much you will actually be able to bring on your roadtrip. Stay up late with husband finishing off any liquor because you can’t pack that stuff and you deserve it!

Thursday- Movers, day one! Hide out in a spare room of your own creating with only the stuff you DONT want the packers to pack. This includes fun stuff like electronics and the BEST toys you own, but also, coincidentally, includes the trash. Keep baby from eating trash. Be the best mom ever, pleading with you 3 year old to please play on the iPad, when all else fails…snacks.

Friday- Movers day two! This day is much like day one except when you are sequestered into a room with the babies it is to keep them from being squished by giant boxes and not just to keep them from being packed away. You spend this day wondering why you didn’t just let them get packed away. (Kidding, of course)

Saturday- Thank the Lord Jesus, you met a friend like Shannon who is letting your family stay in her house, also pray to the Lord Jesus that your children don’t destroy said house.

Sunday-leave you’re family for the day to rage clean the house. You are too cheap to pay somebody but you are also really irritated to be the one doing it.

Monday-have final inspection with notoriously picky housing company. Keep fingers and toes crossed that they won’t charge you for stupid things (or anything for that matter). Reward thy self with dinner at overly priced BBQ restaurant.

Tuesday-pack up family and prepare to endure 6 hours over mountain passes in order to see bestfriend and her family.

Andddd, Scene.
So that’s what we are looking at for the next week. Stand by for hilarious/frightening moving pics and an emotional wine induced breakdown.

Over and out.


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