The Day The Paci Died


I’ve been hesitant to really elaborate on this topic because I have an incredibly successful streak of jinxing myself but I’m thinking we are in the clear.

Two weeks ago, we ditched the pacifier, or Papi, as Addison so lovingly called it.

I say “we” even though I can take approximately 0% of the credit, because miracles of all miracles, Addison handed it over herself.

I’ll pause a moment here to take in all the eye rolls and death glares the moms of the world are shooting me. I understand, it’s not supposed to be this easy.

But sweet baby Jesus am I grateful it was.

As many of you may remember (or maybe not because I’m awful at blogging), I was stressing about Operation Paci Removal way back in January, and if I’m honest, months before that too. I don’t know why I do this to myself but I am always convinced any type of baby-to-big-kid transition is going to be the most awful drawn out thing ever. Addison proved me wrong when, after a full week of personal pep talks, we moved her into the big girl bed and she continued sleeping through the night and taking occasional naps like she had been in a twin bed since birth. Despite that successful transition, though, I just couldn’t pull the plug on the paci.

A week after Hazel was born, I went into AGs room to get her up and she took her paci out of her mouth and handed to me while saying ever so sweetly, “Here you go, Mom Mom.”

Considering she operates day and night with a hot pink paci permanently affixed to her grill, to say I was flabbergasted in an understatement. Who was this child?

Though in shock, I decided to just roll with it and put her to bed that night without even mentioning the pacifier. I turned out her light and held my breathe and shut her door, effectively shutting the door on her paci-dependent toddlerhood too.

Now onto potty training.

Here is the last picture I took of Addison with her paci. She was trying to get me to take a picture of her jumping. We were not successful. You can’t win at everything I suppose. ;)

10822587_10152467890638062_1278320739_n 10836269_10152467890703062_1703978074_n

and yes, I am also a reality t.v. addict and watching Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kandi’s mom is crazy.


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