Fort Lewis!

It has been a crazy few weeks!

We finally arrived at our new duty station, Fort Lewis, which is also our old duty station. We  were here at Fort Lewis before the Korea tour so in a lot of ways it feels like coming home.

On Wednesday, Jake and I left Addison with my parents for a couple days while we drove up to Washington with the car and to get the house all situated so we wouldn’t have to spend any time in lodging.

224909_10152020666898062_565239737759399806_n  1979712_10152021888723062_2935728200231940579_n   10269394_10152074266903062_5336309950901008118_n My parents drove up with Addison Friday, along with a bunch of stuff we had been storing at their house. It hasn’t happened yet, but I fantasize about a time where all our belongings are in one place. As for the house, I keep getting asked how we like it and I just don’t know what to say. It is a house and we got really lucky with our backyard situation (it has a park!) but I just don’t see myself getting very attached to ANY house for a long time. But, for the sake of blogging, here she is:



Saturday Addison got to spend the day with my friend Chelsie and her family doing all sorts of fun Easter things while we went and bought a new (to us) car! After driving a 94 Sonata for the last year or so it felt so nice to actually have a car with air conditioning. Addison had a blast and I think she is really happy to be reunited with some of her buddies, as am I.

1554523_10152074270063062_5459226099525806633_n 10155566_10152074270003062_8863694511975885742_n 10372170_10152074270018062_2970731348849801384_n


Once we got the house and the car out of the way it was time to bring in the movers. Most of our stuff was left here in storage TWO YEARS AGO when we were under the impression we’d be back in only a year. Luckily, this made getting our stuff delivered a very speedy process. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get excited about stuff you have learned to live without for the past two years so unpacking has been slow moving. I hope once our stuff from Korea gets here that I will be a little more excited about unpacking and getting settled.

I don’t know how the seasoned military wives do it, but with every move I grow less and less attached to places which makes me want to settle in even less. Its awful, but I hope someday I will have this unpacking thing down to a science and we will be in a cozy home a week after arrival. A girl can dream right?


As for the whole being pregnant thing, I had my first Dr.’s appt and found out I was only 11 weeks along (I thought I was 13!) and the nausea has hit me full force. With Addison I was sick pretty much my entire pregnancy and since I thought I was 13 weeks, I had assumed God had blessed me with bypassing the whole morning sickness thing entirely this time around. Boy was I wrong. It has come back with a vengeance and I have already started eating my old stand by meals of peanut butter bread and apples to help me get through the day.

This is going to be a doozy.


2 thoughts on “Fort Lewis!

  1. The move from Korea is like none other! I have been doing this milspouse thing for almost 10yrs now and this PCS was the HARDEST by far. I have lived without this stuff for over 2yrs…and I feel like I want to get rid of it ALL!!! Korea taught me so much (especially being NCS) but really why do I have ALL THIS STUFF!! And to think, I THOUGHT I cleaned out with about 10 van full trips to the Goodwill before we left VA to put our things in storage…WHERE DID ALL THIS STUFF COME FROM?!?! Lol Glad you are doing well in WA!! :)

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