My Computer’s Alive! (and so am I)

I got my computer back friends! I can not tell you how excited that makes me. I knocked over a (barely full) cup of water onto the ground and water literally seeped into the smallest crack in my MacBook causing it to short out and destroy the Mag Board (I have no clue what this is but thats what the Genius told me). To make matters worse, this all happened in Korea where there are no official Apple stores so I had to wait until we reached the states to get it repaired. $300 and two weeks later I busted my baby out of computer jail and we were reunited. I was practically giddy in the Apple store and I pretty sure my husband was embarrassed and I was chatting everyone up like it was a high school reunion while we waited. Whatever, these people are the only ones who understand the pain of being separated from your computer. They get me, man.

A quick recap! In the last 3 weeks we have enjoyed an abundance of girl scout cookies, reality T.V., American food, and lots of glorious sleep. There is something to be said about a vacation where naps are encouraged. With more than enough people to watch Addison, I am blissfully well rested. May I remember the feeling 6 weeks from now.

I had all these big plans to take day trips and go to children’s museums and all that, but after all that traveling from Korea and our impeding drive up to Ft Lewis on the horizon, not to mention our trip to Disneyland next week, I just can’t bring myself to get in the car for anymore than 30 minutes at a time. I feel like we’re waisting our vacation a little bit, but as Jake reminds me, the point of being here is to spend time with my family and relax and that is exactly what we are doing.

Speaking of Ft Lewis though, i am so excited to announce we got our house! I was pretty stressed out wondering how long we’d be living in lodging and how long we were going to be sitting on the wait list waiting for a house to become available on post, but we got a call last week that we had been assigned a house and we even have to drive up a day earlier than anticipated so we can attend our move-in inspection and get our keys!! I am so relieved and so happy! We have lived both on and off post at Ft. Lewis and I just love living on post there.

Addison has been having a blast here in California. My parents have three cats and, for those of you who don’t know, the girl is OBSESSED with cats. She loves to pet them, hug them, drum on their back, and chase them around meowing. No matter what the situation, if a cat walks by Addison will start yelling “WOW, WOW!” even if she is in the middle of an huge tantrum. It is the cutest. She is also all about my parents, so that has been really sweet. When Jake first went to Korea, Addison was 5 weeks old and we moved in with my parents. Addison and I lived there until she was 11 months old so they are very close with her. I’m glad to see that relationship hasn’t suffered despite our 15 months in Korea.

So I guess that’s basically it. We are still on leave for the next couple weeks so I won’t be back to a completely normal posting schedule quite yet, but it definitely won’t be as quiet here either. Thanks for sticking with me!


Side Note: Did you know Jamba Juice started selling kids’ size smoothies? I’m not sure how recent this is but they weren’t doing that before we left the country. Addison is pretty excited.


4 thoughts on “My Computer’s Alive! (and so am I)

  1. Glad your computer is working again, I’d be so lost without mine! Just saying HI as a milspouse in WA too (though DH is Navy…well was. He’s reserve now.) Enjoy your family and that’s great news about getting housing on post!

  2. I feel so lost without my computer or access to technology. It is crazy how dependant we are on it these days. So you are moving from Korea back the US? What an adventure. Can’t wait to read more.

    Popping in from the UBP14! Nice to meet you!

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