Moving Day!

In an effort to get this day behind us and never have to relive it again (at least until our next move), I wanted to do a recap of our last and biggest moving day.


Our day started out at 5:30 am with me running a muck making sure everything was ready for the movers. So, of course, they didn’t show up until 11:00 am. They brought in a ton of these cat boxes to get started though, so I took this as a good omen.



Addison wasn’t too happy with all the strange men running around taking our things, but she really did a good job of staying out of the way and not running out the door.


After all the boxes were packed and the couches were wrapped, they took everything to our balcony and used this cool hydraulic platform thing to bring everything down. So fun to watch.



And off it went! We only had a couple crates of stuff and the movers were in and out in an hour and twenty minutes. It’s was seriously impressive.

After the movers left we grabbed lunch and the cleaning ladies came. It was a crazy long day but that night we were settled into our room at the lodging on post and that will be our “home” for the next three day. More on that tomorrow.

I can see California on the horizon. Thank you Jesus.


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