Crazy Times


We have 7 days and a wake up left here in Korea and my house is no where near ready to go. Movers will be here starting Thursday and I’m hoping I’ll find the energy to get it all together by then.

You know what the worst part of moving is? The laundry.

I am some how expected to get every individual piece of clothing in this entire place washed, folded, and put away and that single task seems the most daunting. So of course I’m leaving it to do last. I see a 3 am laundry folding-fest in my future.

Other than the actual move craziness, Jake has been clearing (Army process where you sign out of various offices for 2 weeks) and we are having a hard time believing we are really leaving Korea for good. Have I mentioned how much we love it here? To compensate we have been trying to get every thing we love about Korea crammed into the next few days. That mostly involves eating out if I’m honest.

Addison has been handling all the change really well and I am hoping it stays that way. I never really considered the effect Army life would have on our kids. I just assumed that since many kids before them had learned to adjust, ours would too. Even at two, I can tell Addison notices the changes going on in our home and the stuff disappearing as we pack or sell things. I hope that over the next 15 years, and how ever many moves we have in front of us, she will learn that stuff is just stuff and there is a new adventure waiting for us around the corner.

Though, I still have to tell myself those things, so maybe we’re all still learning.

At any rate, new adventure, here I come! T minus 7 days.


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