Favorite Things: Pampered Chef Covered Baker

favthingsbannerSince moving to Korea I have made some of the BEST friends. Seriously. The women here are amazing. One of my close friends, Claudia, is a Pampered Chef consultant and I feel like every time I’m at her house I find something else I HAVE TO HAVE.

Before meeting Claudia, I had never even seen a Pampered Chef catalog. I had heard the name, but didn’t have a clue what the big deal was. Well, I quickly figured it out. My new favorite thing from Pampered Chef, and for this week is the Deep Covered Baker.


If you are a serious cook (like I like to think I am) you probably have a dutch oven. A dutch oven is basically a cast iron pot that goes from stove top to oven and is super amazing because it holds heat really well and is so versatile.

The Deep Covered Baker is like a dutch oven for your microwave! It’s amazing. You can use it in the oven or the microwave and it is stoneware so it is super durable. I have seen Claudia make everything from fresh baked bread to s’mores cake in her stoneware and I am always really impressed by not only the taste but the mere minutes it takes to make.

The other night Claudia gave me a recipe for BBQ chicken slider and I kid you not, from start to finish, including prep, dinner was done in 11 minutes. Even my husband was impressed.

Pampered Chef also offers a smaller version called the Round Covered Baker which is convenient for tiny microwaves like we have in Korea.

I wanted to take more pictures of the Covered Baker in action but the dinner was just sooo good that I couldn’t move fast enough or I would have missed out all together! Here is a before and after.


You would think cooking chicken in the microwave would yield rubbery or dry chicken but I was really shocked at how perfect it came out. Now I want all things stoneware, and Pampered Chef for that matter. My bank account may be upset but my kitchen will be well stocked!

If you want to try out the Deep Covered Baker or browse the Pampered Chef Catalog for other fun things (the adjustable measuring spoons are also a favorite of mine!) head over to Claudia’s Facebook page to say hello!


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