Warning: Sparse Postings Ahead

As our countdown dwindles and our PCS date gets closer, my blog is slowly but surely inching towards the back burner. Not only is the move getting the best of me, but on top of everything else, I spilled the tiniest bit of water on my MacBook and now it wont turn on. So….blogging has gotten a little challenging.

Also, no Apple stores in Korea. :(

I’ve had this blog in various forms for 4 years and it is just now starting to feel like a “real blog” so I don’t want to fall back into a period of zero postings and basically just taking up internet space. That being said, I also not going to stress myself out during an already stressful time and turn something I love to do into a chore. So the blog may be a little quieter in the next 6 weeks or so as we leave Korea, visit my family in California, and re-establish our roots in Washington.

I promise to not go totally silent and I’ll do my best to keep you all up to date. After all, moving is one of the most interesting things about military life. I hope you will stick with me and follow along with our crazy Army life as we try to find contentment in the unexpected; I am so thankful you’ve stuck with me this far.


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