I had a post all written out for you today about mom wars and parenting but as I was writing it I could feel it become more and more snarky and I think that has more to do with my mood than the actual topic at hand. I decided to scrap it and come back to it later. Lucky for you, I do my best to filter my thoughts a little bit, that way this space can be bright and happy and not all crabby and dark.

I know we all have our crabby and dark days but I think it’s best to realize them and maybe keep your negativity to yourself a little bit.

Have you noticed how enraged people get? Everyday I scroll through my news feed or peruse around the internet, finding more people than I can count who are so enraged about the silliest little things.

People, you can’t have a public tantrum anytime you want just because you’re behind a keyboard, you know?

So I’m trying to not be one of those crazies :) I know you appreciate it.

I will be back tomorrow with an awesome post about loving your husband, I hope to see you there!


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