10 Things I’m Looking Forward To

I wrote recently about all the things I’ll miss here in Korea, but with only a few weeks to go I can’t help but focus ahead on all the things I’m looking forward to. Here are 10 things I can’t wait to have in my life again!

1. Having Two Cars

In Korea, there is a rule for service members that only allows one car per family. There are ways around this for some, but for us it has been a struggle sharing one car. I can’t wait to buy a second car so Addison and I can just pick up and go when ever we want.

2. Garbage Disposals

I really don’t know how so many people go without these babies. Korea has a little mesh food catching basket in their sink drains, feel free to use your imagination on how gross that can be. Ew.

3. Target

This one is pretty self explanatory, but in a place where Korean stores are spread out and the PX is our main source of shopping, I am so excited to be back in the land of Target and one stop shopping.

4. A Western Style House

Our Korean apartment has really been good to us and I know I’ll miss the place but I am really looking forward to carpet, central heating, backyards, and my own furniture.

5. Shopping!

Before we moved here, so many people told me Korea has the best shopping. While they do have A LOT of places to shop, it is so over priced and never what I’m looking for. Bring on the American malls!

6. The Food

Korean food is really delicious but that is where the variety ends. I’m looking forward Italian, Mexican, Japanese, and American restaurants, all on one street.

7. Comfort

There is a comfort in being surrounded but the familiar. While I am so thankful for the experience of living in a different country, it will be really nice being smack dab in the middle of my comfort zone.

8. Family

At Ft. Lewis, my family is only a 12 hour drive (1.5 hour flight) away. That used to seem far but after living on the opposite side of the globe, I can’t wait to be “close” to them again.

9. Grocery Stores

Ah, Safeway, how I miss thee. Here, we have our commissary and the Korean markets. It has been really cool eating new things I’ve never heard of but, man, I can’t wait to wander aimlessly down the wine isle at Safeway or pickup a pasta salad from their deli. It’s the little things, friends.

10. Drinkable Water

Last but not least, the water! I grew up in a town where the tap water tasted delicious. I know that isn’t the case in Tacoma, but at least I will be able to wash my hair without it feeling like straw. I also can’t wait to start a shower without the overwhelming smell of chlorine coming from the water. Amen.

Here I come America! I hope you’re ready for me.


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