Favorite Things: The Tee Pee Guy


Since we are gearing up for another move, all of my “favorite things” are getting packed up along with everything else in our apartment. So instead of telling you about something I own, I’m going to tell you about something I’m pining over.

Kids tee pees are a new-ish fad among parents and I can totally see why. Here in Korea, Addison had a lady bug tent that she adored. It was really cute but not the best quality and I knew over time she would grow out of it. It was also HUGE and was a bit of an eye sore if I’m being completely honest. So,…I sold it. Mean mom, I know, but I knew we weren’t going to set it up at the new house so off it went. After seeing a few bloggers gush about putting tee pees in their kids’ rooms, I knew we had to have one. I immediately took to the internet in search of a tee pee we could actually afford and that would grow with our family.

I give you: The Tee Pee Guy.


When I originally began my search for all things teepee I started on the Pottery Barn Kids website. As a former PBK employee I have always been drawn towards their exceptional quality but in this case not only were their tee pees too expensive, they just weren’t what I was looking for.


That sent me searching on my favorite site for all things handmade Etsy.com. There I found a ton of tee pee makers but The Tee Pee Guy really took the cake. He makes these beautiful tee pees that are the PERFECT size for a playroom or bedroom. You can customize your fabric and pole colors and he also makes coordinating mats for the floor of the tee pee.


What I love about tee pees is they are both beautiful and functional. Most play tents you see are a bit obnoxious or come covered in cartoon characters. It’s just not my thing. One of these beauties will set you back between $135-$175 (more for custom work) but from what I have read they are great quality. I can’t wait to order ours!

Originally I had my heart set on the tee pee in the first photo, but if I want this tee pee to grow with our family and fit in any space I’m going to need to stick with something a little more neutral. So I’m planning on ordering the second tee pee pictured as soon as we hit U.S. soil. Ill make sure to update this review with pictures once we have ours.

What do you think? Are you joining the tee pee craze??


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