Terrific Twos?


Maybe this is just the calm before the inevitable storm, but can I just say it? I love Two!

Since Addison turned two, things have really looked up. Tantrums are at a minimum, her vocabulary is growing, and she is all around a much sweeter baby. We went through a rough 6 months where AG wasn’t talking as much as she should have been and our communication as limited to an incessant whine. It was trying and frustrating and I think we were all being worn a little thin.

But the heavens opened and a little bit of mercy rained down on me and now I am more amazed than ever that I was blessed with this little lady.

Addison picked up a ton of new words, and learned how to ask for “help” instead of freaking out over when her toys (or gravity) didn’t do what she wanted.

She can tell me when she’s hungry, when she’s thirsty, and if she wants more.

I don’t know if things have seemed easier because she can actually TELL US what she wants or maybe she’s just really growing into her independence. Either way this little lady has stolen my heart all over again and I do not miss all the whining.

And let’s talk about the cuddles! Addison has never been a very cuddly kid but lately she has been dishing out hugs and kisses like it’s her job. (which it is by the way)

I’m hoping I won’t look back at this post 6 months from now and laugh at my naivety. I don’t think any toddler is “terrible” but I know the days will come when my daughter makes a hobby of testing boundaries and throwing all out fits in the middle of a restaurant. Until then, however, I plan on soaking in the bliss.

Have I mentioned I love being a mama. It’s truly the best.


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