A Day for Lovahs.


Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!

I hope you are all having an awesome day full of love and all things heart-shaped.

We aren’t huge fans of V-day over here, and quite frankly I’m a bit exhausted from all the gift giving holidays. Why are there 5 days a year that I have to find the “perfect gift” for my husband? A husband who, by the way, is the sole income of our family, so it’s kind of like he’s buying them for himself. It’s all a little overwhelming, isn’t it? (love you honey!!)

This year we were given an surprise gift when we found out Jake had a four day weekend landing him at home ALL DAY for Valentine’s Day. So, we decided to just spend the day together and relieve each other from all the pressure.

Now, we have the ultimate Valentine’s Day plans. I have lots of fun, heart themed, things planned for Addison and a special lunch date out to one of our favorite restaurants. Then our romantic day will conclude with a sleeping baby, pizza, beer, and the new season of House Of Cards.

(By the way, shout out to Netflix for releasing the new season on Valentine’s Day, so smart!)

I’ll post about all of our fun next week, until then, go enjoy the day with your lovah!


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