14 Things Moms Want for Valentine’s Day


Do you ever feel like holidays are a little overwhelming? As a kid I loved having a new holiday to look forward to, but as an adult it seems like I just can’t get away. Between birthdays, Mothers’ Day, anniversaries, and Christmas it all just seems like a little much. Trying to think of creative and personal gifts for the people I love is an ongoing challenge and I’m over it.

You must feel the same way or you wouldn’t be here, right?

Well, I’ve made it a little easier for you this Valentine’s Day with a list of 14 things moms ACTUALLY want. Save the chocolate and the last minute over-priced roses and surprise the mother of your children (or your own mom) with one of these sweet treats:


While jewelry is a rather predictable V-Day gift, try one of these handmade options found on Etsy.

1. Initial Necklace by SeoulLittle, $38


2. Rose Gold Heart Studs by RabbitsFantasyWorld, $18



Every mom needs a break. What better time to make that happen than Valentine’s Day? Try one of these gifts to help Mom release her tension.

3. LUSH Lots Of Love Gift Set, $53

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 3.53.05 PM

4. Organic Sleep Mask by Erika Rosso Designs, $25


5. Give Her a Massage

No not you. While I’m sure I speak for all ladies when I say we appreciate the sentiment, this time around spring for a gift card to the local spa and leave this one to the professionals. As a bonus, you can watch the kids :)

Massage Envy, $60

Something Red

Nothing says Valentine’s day like the color of loveeee. Try one of these gifts on for size.

6. Red Canvas Classics by TOMS, $48


7. Cherry Lane Rory Wristlet by Kate Spade New York, $158


For the Kitchen

Now I don’t usually approve of appliances or kitchen accessories as gifts, but these items are thoughtful and sweet without suggesting she make you a sandwich.

8. Personalized Kitchen iPad Stand by RChristopher Designs, $39


9. Spoon Me Mug by Tenth Avenue Mugworks, $16


10. You Wash, I’ll Dry Tea Towel Set by Blackbird Tees, $35



When all else fails, nothing makes a mom happier than food that is just hers. If you go for a food gift, do your lady a favor and don’t ask her to share.

11. An Adventurous Dinner

Sure, everyone goes out to dinner for Valentine’s Day, but this year kick it up a notch and go somewhere adventurous. Head to Seoul for dinner at the top of Seoul Tower (cough, cough, Jacob), or take a cooking class together. Though even if you drive through McDonalds together and eat in the parking lot, anytime you can have dinner with your honey sans children is a good time. (wait, are we the only couple that does that?)

Dinner Set at Seoul Tower, $98

12. French Macarons from Macaron Cafe, $55 (and yes! they ship!)


13. Caramel Marshmallows by Vosges Chocolate, $27


Something to Read

If you’ve seen the Sex and the City movie, you might recall Carrie reading this book. It is thoughtful, romantic, and just sappy enough to pass as an awesome Valentine’s Day gift.

14. Love Letters of Great Men by Ursala Doyle, $14


So there you have it! I hope you all have an awesome Valentine’s Day! May you get to eat your meals while their still warm and sleep thorough the night!


3 thoughts on “14 Things Moms Want for Valentine’s Day

  1. Hey, Tiffany! I really love your blog.
    Massage Envy also does couples massages, which are awesome (like everything they do). They put you guys in the same room you can add aromatherapy or hot stones, and when it’s all over, you get to go home relaxed together.
    This list is amazing! Even though I’m not yet part of the Mom Club, I would still appreciate anything and everything on this list. :)

  2. Caitlin- I didn’t know Massage Envy had so many luxury options, I will definitely be giving them a visit when we get back to the states. Thank you so much for reading, the support is amazing, seriously!! <3

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