Countdown to California


Let the Countdown To California commence!

To be honest, I’ve been counting down for quite sometime, I think it was around 117 days to go that I downloaded a countdown timer to my phone and I probably check it every day.

So here we are: 40 days to go.

It’s not that I am super eager to leave Korea, I really do love it here and wouldn’t mind spending another year or two overseas. It’s more like the impending doom that I’m counting down too. PCSing is just plain stressful and with each day that ticks by I feel the weight bear down on my shoulders—heavier and heavier.

But it’s exciting too. We are headed to a duty station we’ve been to before with friends eagerly awaiting our arrival. We get to go back to my home in California for 30 DAYS!!! We are planning a trip to Disneyland. All in all there is a lot to look forward to, it’s just a matter of getting through the next 40 days relatively unscathed.

So here is a break down of what my calendar looks like until we leave.

Set up our pack out days: These are the two different days where movers come and take all our stuff away.

Schedule housing pick up: This is when they come and take all the furniture back that we borrowed for the last year.

Sell and reregister our car: We have to sell our car and make sure it is registered to the new owner before we are allowed to officially check out of the installation.

Sell and transfer phone contracts: Self explanatory but super stressful since you don’t want to be stuck with a phone contract you have to buy yourself out of. We get to do this X2.

Schedule plane tickets: Here is hoping the Army will fly us directly to California and not just Washington state, where we would then have to purchase new tickets and fly to California, extending out travel time by like 6-8 hours. Not that much until you add on the 24ish hours we will have already been traveling.

Now that I write that out I feel so much better. Six things? That’s totally doable. Right? Right?!?

Anyone there?

Please send help.


3 thoughts on “Countdown to California

  1. 1) I’m sure they will switch your flight to CA! You MAY have to pay extra, or you may not. But I’m sure they’ll send ya wherever you want to go and you pay the difference if there is one. 2) When you go to set up your pick ups, the first appt is to set up another appt to actually schedule your pickups (yes it doesn’t make any sense) The first time we went in they just gave us paperwork and wanted us to estimate how much crap we had and THEN bring it back to the next appt to make actual pick up dates. 3) They will wrap EVERYTHING even your Tupperware, you have been warned. OH and they were EARLY, like way early, I was still asleep, for BOTH pickups. 4) if you haven’t already, make your hotel reservations! Make sure they don’t give you the handicap room like us, that was not cool.

    So jealous about Disneyland. We may go in December because I have never been, but with the time difference, I am going to try to sway Jim to Disney World again. You gotta use that discount while you can, it’s too good to pass up.

    • Thank you so much for the advice! We went to get our tickets yesterday and they told us they don’t do the pay extra-go where you want thing anymore. so annoying. We got our pack to fill out today so hopefully we will have some movers scheduled soon. Luckily we don’s have a ton of stuff so it should be too awful. Disney is amazing (especially with that discount) and Jake has never been before. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!

  2. So excited for you to move back to Washington, I was just there and man has it changed so much. Old barracks being torn down, new ones going up the streets are wider, new lights have been put up. Wouldn’t mind retiring there for sure :)

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