Favorite Things: Party On Purpose


For my Favorite Things series I try to focus on things that I use regularly and keep coming back to. Today I’m reviewing a company that I only recently fell head over heals for and I’m sure I will soon become a frequent customer.

Let me preface thing by saying I am a major Etsy addict. I love the idea of supporting small businesses or individual artists. However, when it comes to party decor I wasn’t super impressed with my search results.

Have you ever looked for personalized party decorations in an attempt to make your party truly Pinterest worthy, only to find hundreds of listings for “print your own” JPEG files? I don’t know about you but if I’m paying someone to design super cuter party swag I want them to go the extra mile and actually print it. If I wanted to mess around on my computer and toy with our printer that is chronically running out of ink I would just design the template myself, you know?

Sorry, tangent.

Any who, that’s where Party On Purpose comes in. Not only will they customize items specifically tailored to your party theme and guest of honor, but you buy everything individually which is awesome! Most “print your own” party files include everything from centerpieces to custom water bottle wrappers. I had zero desire to rewrap my water bottles, friends, I just wanted a few personalized touches that said “ladybug” without having to douse my house in red in black. Having this flexibility enabled me to build a completely custom party for 8 toddlers without having to buy things I didn’t need.

And did I mention they ship to APO?!

To top it off, they are totally affordable!

For Addison’s lady bug party I bought:

12 personalized cupcake toppers $10
36 red & white cupcake liners $4
10 balloons $8
12 favor tags $12
TOTAL: $34

It all came together beautifully



You can find Party on Purpose on Etsy HERE or their website HERE. :)


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