Addison’s Little Lady Bug Party

Today we had Addison’s birthday party, and while I was a ball of stress all morning and definitely didn’t “have it all together” by party time it was so much fun to have all of Addison’s little friends over for the afternoon to celebrate her turning two.

We had pizza, cupcakes, fruit, and juice boxes and Addison only threw up once.

Right in the middle of the kitchen floor.

She is such a classy little lady!

I had this really cute shirt made for her and one of my friends gave us a tutu to borrow. She looked adorable (and even kept a bow in her hair!). Unfortunately, if you have a two year-old you know how difficult it can be to get a photo that isn’t completely blurry, so I figured if I gave you three semi-clear ones you would get the idea.


I didn’t take a ton of pictures but it really was so much fun. Instead of planning a bunch of party games and activities I knew no one would want to play, I just bought 10 lady bug balloons and let them loose in the living room. The kids were more than pleased.1620728_10152189235916894_1662522455_n

Addison was spoiled with lots of toy and actually knew how to open presents this year so it was lots of fun. This book was SO cool! The pages have a little track carved into them and the lady bug wheels around every page as your read. How cute?!

Each of the kids went home with two these awesome Lady Bug shaped crayons from Playing With Color2


I wish I had more to tell you all about this day but after 3 days of birthday festivities this mama is wiped out. I don’t know many two year olds who have a three day birthday celebration, but she seemed pretty happy at the end of it all. :)

Also, our landlords brought us some of their Lunar New Year dinner. The short ribs?



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