Favorite Things: Stitch Fix


This week I wanted to give you a little insight into one of my favorite companies. Since living in Korea, I have really found Stitch Fix to be super helpful. Korea doesn’t have a ton of shopping options for anyone over a size 6, and the PX (like Walmart on base) rarely has clothing that appeals to me. When I first learned about Stitch Fix (and that they ship to APO!!!) I hoped this would be the answer to my shopping dilemma.


Stitch Fix is essentially a personal shopping service. You sign up on their website, fill out a detailed personal style profile, and then schedule your fix. What is great about this company, unlike other subscription services, is that you can choose to receive fixes monthly, or schedule them one at a time. Each fix costs $20 which you can later apply to the cost of the items you decide to keep.

So, what’s in a fix?

Each fix contains 5 items which can include a mix of tops, pants, skirts, dresses, scarfs, or jewelry depending on your preferences outlined in your style profile. Keep what you like, send back what you don’t. If you decide to keep all five items, you get 25% off your total.

So let’s get down to the review!


The box is immediately recognizable which makes the drive home from the mail especially difficult!


Along with the clothes, Stitch Fix includes these style cards suggesting different ways to style each item in the box. These are cool because they show you a day and night styling which I find to be pretty helpful. Attached to the style cards is also a note from my personal stylist, her name is Adelyn and for this fix she wrote:

“Hi Tiffany! I am so glad you had a great experience with your last fix! I want to thank you for all of your wonderful feedback, that truly is helpful during the styling process. The Kut From The Kloth jeans have a great mid rise and nice stretch to flatter your shape. Try pairing the jeans with the 41Hawthorn top, that has a beautiful drape in a fun jewel tone color. Add the striped jacket to give the look some structure and texture. I hope you have a great time trying everything on! xo Addie”

So here’s what’s in the box this month:


Diamond Printed Henley Blouse: I really wanted to love this top. I really like the pattern and the navy blue, but the peachy/coral color just looks awful on my pale Korean winter skin. Also, my husband hated, it so back it goes.


V-Neck Cap Sleeve Jersey Top: As soon as I saw the odd cowl-neck type deal on this top I knew I wasn’t going to keep it, I tried it on for good measure but it was just…blah. I like the jewel toned fabric though. Verdict: back it goes.


Kut From The Kloth Skinny Jeans: I LOVE these jeans, they have a nice mid rise waist and they were super comfortable, but with a $78.00 price tag, I just could take the plunge. Sadly, they will be headed back.


Striped Lurex Detail Jacket: This jaket was the biggest flop from the whole box. It was a tweed like texture, too narrow in the shoulders, and made me think of my grandma. Though, honestly, my grandma is pretty trendy and I don’t even think she would like this. This jacket will be the first thing in the bag to go back.

My fifth item was a Bella Boutique Mini Stone Necklace which I’m not totally sure why I received. On my style profile, I specifically asked them not to send me jewelry since I rarely wear anything but my wedding ring and I know their price point is pretty high for casual wear jewelry. This necklace they sent was cute enough but, after removing it from the bag, I couldn’t even get it untangled and it was $68.00!!! No thank you.

After you decide what you do and don’t want to keep, you pack up what you don’t want in the included prepaid shipping envelope and just drop it by the mailbox. Then, log into your Stitch Fix account and check out! The cost of your fix ($20) will be taken off and the remaining balance will be applied to your credit card.

Overall, I’m pretty disappointed with this box. My last two fixes have been AWESOME so I will definitely keep my fix scheduled for February. I guess it’s a little weird to feature this fix on my Favorite Things series when I didn’t keep anything from my fix, but this company really is one of my favorite things and I’m not going to throw in the towel over one bad fix.

Though my bank account is happy this month :)

If you would like to try Stitch Fix for yourself, feel free to sign up using my link below:


I was not compensated for this review, but I will receive a credit if you sign up through my link.


4 thoughts on “Favorite Things: Stitch Fix

  1. I REALLY want to do the Birch Box subscription so I can review it every month, BUT I can’t justify $10 a month, just so I can write reviews. Especially since in the two plus years I’ve been blogging I’ve made $20 (in Amazon gift cards) and some free books. Jim tells me books do not pay the rent LOL I’ve also spent $26 per year to keep my blog name, so I’m in the hole. HAHA maybe one day when I work again, for real, I can justify my birch box purchase!

    • I so want to review things and do giveaways via sponsors but I’m afraid to take the plunge to self hosting. So I am definitely in blog debt as well. I’ve decided if I blog consistently for the next year then I will take the plunge, but in the last 4 or so years I’ve been blogging I always do it in spurts so we will have to see. Birch Box seems cool but I just don’t have that much interest in the beauty products I DO have haha. I would probably just collect all the mini things and never use them!

  2. My friends have been trying to get me to sign up for this. It seems like a really cool idea, but $20 is a lot for me. And it seems like the items are slightly costly. If I was somewhere like Korea I might consider it though. I’ve heard the same thing about having a hard time shopping from some other ladies there.

    • It is pretty pricey, I’ll give you that, but I’m trying to buy more quality pieces that will last a long time so for that Stitch Fix is really good. I definitely wouldn’t buy items from them that are passing trends or jewelry for sure. They’re prices are too high!

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