Im a child of the 90s.

Someday I will tell Addison how we used to actually sit through commercials and check the TV guide channel to find out when Boy Meets World was coming on.

She will think I am old because I lived before internet and my cell phone screen wasn’t in color (green & black Nokia screens anyone?).

So, it might not sound that crazy when I tell you I am completely clueless about this Twitter thing. I know most of my friends-most of the world really-have Twitter accounts, but I never really caught onto it I guess. I recently made a Twitter account as apart of my whole “take it to the next level thing“, but I have a whopping 5 followers. So, now what?? How do you get Twitter followers? Is this an obvious thing that I haven’t figured out yet?

I can here my cousin David laughing at me all the way from the U.S. right now. He is a senior in high school and very cool. He is up to date on all the latest technology and fashion and I feel like every time I talk to him he is one-upping me on the coolness scale. Which is fine, because that’s how it goes when you’re a teenager. However, being a young mom, a wife, and living in a foreign country has a way of severely cutting you off from whats hip and happening. Ok, that just made me sound super old, so I’ll just stop there.

I’m just saying I would be on top of things if I were living in America. I’m sure of it!

And I’d definitely know how to freaking twitter. uh, tweet i mean.

Anyways, (shameless plug) if you are on Twitter, come keep me company: @ArillaBlog.

If you don’t, I’m just going to start following all the Kardashians and pretend we are friends. Your call.


3 thoughts on “Twitter-ing

  1. Twitter seems so one sided…I prefer a dual approach to stalking someone (I stalk them; they stalk me back). Because after all who cares what those Kardashians are doing anyway? They should care what Tiffany Wheeler is doing!

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