Favorite Things: Scentsy Plug-ins


As an Army wife, you have to try pretty hard to not have a Scentsy. It seems like everywhere I turn there is a party or a consultant pimping out there yummy smelling products. I was super successful at avoiding the Scentsy train but last year I fell right onto the band wagon and I’m never getting off. It all started at a friends Scentsy party (like it often does) and in a matter of minutes, I was a believer.

Scentsy sells flameless candles. You pick your warmer, pick your wax, and then let it do its thing. They also have a whole line of Scentsy products for your car, your kids, your purse, and even your body! I have a full size warmer which I love, but in my opinion the real shining star of Scentsy is their plug-in warmers.


Believe Plug-in

These babies are super convenient to put anywhere and they don’t take up any counter space, plus they are so cute!


The plug-in also rotates in the event you have one of those weird sideways outlets.


The Scentsy bars (wax) come in SO MANY SCENTS and have 8 cubes per bar. I only put one cube in my plug in at a time it seems to last forever.

20140115-160523.jpg 20140115-160515.jpg

I have two of these beauties and I already have my sights set on this one:

So, give one a try! If you don’t already know a Scentsy consultant, feel free to use mine. Her name is Christa and she’s fantastic!

I was in no way compensated for this review.


5 thoughts on “Favorite Things: Scentsy Plug-ins

  1. How do you put them sideways? wouldn’t the wax leak out?? My bathrooms are not scentsy ready here (which make me SO mad!) the outlets are too high and are right below the medicine cabinets.

    • It’s for people who have sideways outlets. So the Scentsy would still be right side up. Just the plug in turns. There’s a button on the base. I can’t believe that about your new place! After you got all that new stuff from your party too? Lame! At least you will have to move somewhere new in a few years ;) Silver lining?

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