Star Kids Cafe


Here in Korea they have really mastered the cafe. While Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts have made the jump to the country of Korea, individually owned or Korean chains reign supreme. There is quite literally a cafe on every corner and some with a special theme. My favorite are the Kids’ Cafes. Kids’ cafes are the greatest invention ever and I am so sad that I didn’t start visiting them sooner.

A Kids’ Cafe is basically a giant playroom where kids can run a muck while parents sit sipping coffee and in some places enjoying lunch. Like most cafes in Korea, they are super affordable and a ton of fun for both kids and parents.

Our Kids’ Cafe of choice is called Star Kids Cafe in Pyeongtaek.

First, you check in at the front desk where your child is given a time stamped name tag. Then, you let your child loose, order whatever you’d like, and they bring the bill at the end like a restaurant.

You get two hours of playtime for ₩6,000 per child and ₩4,000 per adult. Admission comes with a drink and if you order a meal your admission fee is waved (we love the pork cutlet meal, which is basically like a breaded pork chop). So on a normal day, I go with Addison for two hours, get two drinks, and order a meal for us to share and walk out of there only spending ₩13,000 (approx. $12.50). Now that is a steal!


There are TWO jungle gym type structures in the front


FOUR play houses


A giant soft play jungle gym in the back


This cubicle area is divided into themes: dolls, kitchens, music, and dress up.


A huge lego table and behind the jungle gym a “fishing hole.”

Could this place get any cuter?

This place is awesome for a play date or just you and your child. It is the PERFECT way to burn off toddler energy when it’s so cold outside and the best part is, Addison loves it!

Star Kids Cafe Directions From Camp Humphreys:

Come straight out of the main gate and drive until road T’s, turn left.

Go straight through the intersection onto 45, towards Pyeongtaek.

When you come to the light that splits, go to the right.

Cross the bridge over the train tracks, passing Lotte Invens apartments on your left.

This road has a wall/guard rail down the middle…as soon as it ends take a Left at that light.

According to Google it’s at the 4th big intersection after that. The intersection has a Paris Baguette CAFE on the left hand corner.

Just passed the light, there is a tiny parking lot in a U of buildings on the right. Star Kids is on the second floor, you will see cartoon characters in the window.


Thank you to Girl Meets Camera for the directions :)


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