Army Life Strife

I love so many things about our Army life, but one thing I could do without is losing my friends every couple of years. I’ve always been a pretty social person, but with each new duty station I feel myself becoming more and more reserved. Every time we move, I go through a 1 or 2 month period of sitting at home alone and not really wanting to make the effort to meet new friends. Its exhausting really, trying to put yourself out there. Making friends as an adult is no easy task. Granted, we’ve only moved 3 times but in 3 years thats pretty intense, even for military family standards, and thats three groups of people I’ve had to leave behind.

We have a little under 70 days before we pack up again and this time, it’s going to be a lot harder to say goodbye. I’ve always been pretty good at goodbyes but this duty station is unique. We are in a foreign country, on a small installation, with very few families. Most soldiers assigned to Camp Humphreys, South Korea come unaccompanied (meaning their families stay behind in the States) making the population of families super small. That may sound unappealing, but its actually pretty awesome. I imagine this is what it would have been like to grow up in a small town. Everyone knows everyone and it only takes a minute to know your way around. I have been so incredibly blessed at this duty station to meet good quality people.

I have met a ton of families with kids the same age as Addison, which makes planning play dates a breeze. We have met couples that we both like (!!!). I don’t know about you but finding a good couple-friend that both you and your husband enjoy hanging out with is a huge accomplishment. I have even met some awesome women who’s homes I can show up to in yoga pants and no bra and they won’t even bat an eyelash, and those people are worth their weight in gold.

I guess this is the first time I’m going to be truly sad leaving a duty station. Usually having a new place to call home on the horizon is excitement enough to make the goodbyes easier, and I know I’ll make new friends (and even reconnect with some old ones!) once we reach our new duty station, but these people, our friends, are really making me savor the last 67 days we have here in Korea. Ok, so maybe I am counting. :)

How do you cope with goodbyes? Comment below.


2 thoughts on “Army Life Strife

  1. It’s hard. I have found that social media has made the sting of goodbyes somehow less painful. But they still can get be gut-wretching. I just remind myself that I am a better person by having such special people in my life – no matter how brief our time together may be. Like you, the excitement of a new duty station always makes it a little easier.

  2. I’ve found out through leaving home and coming to our first duty station that I am a very social person. I used to think I was shy and that I didn’t need friends but now its so difficult without them. I agree with Karen about social media. But at the same time I see posts with my “best friend” and her new best friend and can’t help but feel jealous. It makes me feel horrible and guilty too for being that way. I’ve made one good friend here, but she’s very busy with her little ones and work so its hard to get together. I’m hoping that when I go to school I’ll make more friends.

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