New Years Resolutions are a dime a dozen this time of year. We are only 10 days into our newest hobbies, diets, or goals for 2014 and the ground is just starting to tremor as you realize this is a lot harder than I thought, and friends, I’m right there with ya.

I have spent the first 10 days of 2014 researching, writing, and working on my blog to accomplish my goal of “bringing it to the next level.” When I made that proclamation at the start of the new year I don’t think I really understood how much work would be involved. Writing is easy, it is something I love to do, it comes easy to me, and I am constantly writing little notes on my phone for possible blog topics. The promoting is turning out to be a lot more work though. I never realized how crazy it seems to be a constant presence on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Having personal accounts & blog accounts. Do you combine them? Do you not? Are people really going to care about Addison’s raggedy ponytail picture I uploaded yesterday? Maybe not.

Though I guess that is all apart of the challenge I chose for myself this year. The challenge wasn’t centered around just this blog and taking it seriously. It is more about taking the plunge, having the courage to publish everything I write to a public forum and then actually telling people about it. There have been many instances on this space where I have posted something new and said nothing about it for fear of being unworthy or judged. Writing can be such an awesome form of expression, but lets be honest, the internet can be a rough audience.

So the pressure is on, but I kind of like it. I’m really enjoying all the new things I’ve learned about running a blog like its your job. I love the support I am getting from my small (but growing!) audience. I love that my tiny blog is getting the attention it deserves for once. Above all else, I love that I am being courageous and chasing my dreams. I am doing something now that I hope will be an example to my daughter-take the plunge and follow your heart. So if this fails miserably, at least there’s that, and that is enough for me.

What goals are you tackling in 2014?? Comment below :)


5 thoughts on “Pressure.

  1. I combined everything except for Facebook. Most of my friends aren’t too twitter or ig savvy, so it’s easy to keep my blog away from them. I haven’t invited a single friend to like my Facebook page, but a few have somehow found it anyway.. I’m always nervous about people that I actually know, reading my blog.

  2. I should have this goal too- While I have been blogging since livejournal/deadjournal (think 1999) I never have been able to seriously keep with it. I let months go between posts!

    My goals for this year are to build both my photography business (my main love) and my Beachbody business (secondary) and compete in the November Paradise cup in Bikini Division- though I would love to enter in Figure!

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