The Calm

Does anyone else struggle with finding some calm during the day? I know being a stay-at-home-mom doesn’t necessarily mean having a jam packed schedule and to be honest I spend way to much time zoning out on Facebook while Addison watches Scout for the 500th time. No matter what the day brings, however, I still find myself painfully counting down the minutes until bedtime. 8:01 in the Wheeler home is celebrated by Netflix and wine (and yes more Facebook-just trying to be honest here) and then suddenly it’s 11 pm and my few hours of bliss are over. Go to bed, wake up, rinse and repeat.

I think part of my problem is time management, as sad as that sounds. I always have such big plans: wake up early, work out, shower before the baby wakes up. After the bedtime its another overly ambitious list: blog, clean, spend QUALITY time with my husband. Yet, when it comes down to it, the list is too overwhelming and I find myself back on the couch, and back on my phone. I guess what it all comes down to for me is just doing SOMETHING. I love blogging, so why don’t I do it more? I really do enjoy working out, or at least how I feel afterwards, so why don’t I go out of my way to make it a priority. This life is short and while mom hood can be all-consuming, I’m starting to realize its what you do with those few hours that can keep you going through the craziness. Investing time in yourself can make all the difference.


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