Brother-Sister Love

My brother is coming to visit!



In Korea!!!

I am just so excited.

Since Addison and I joined my husband, I haven’t seen very much of Korea. We have taken a few trips to Osan AFB, which is about 25 mins away and has a lot more to offer than our little post, but other than that Korea is still a mystery!  Traveling with a 1 year old may be doable for some but not for me. Entire day adventures take a lot out of us and Addison isn’t the sweetest baby when she’s tired so going to Seoul, taking tours of palaces, and exploring traditional markets all just seems a little unattainable. Since childcare is only available on the weekdays and my husband works during the week, we haven’t done a whole lot. Garrett coming to visit opens up all kinds of possibilities for adventure!

I have so much planned for his trip here and I am so excited to spend some bonding time with my little brother. Viva Korea!!!


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