Hello baby girl!

As I write this I am getting several swift kicks to the rib cage and watching my tummy wiggle all around as you work to find a comfortable position. Seeing my belly move and grow has been such an awesome experience and it helps to reassure us that you are growing bigger and stronger every day.

Wednesdays are my favorite day of the week and have been since we found out about you this past June.

Every Wednesday brings you one step closer to us. I wake up Wednesday mornings to update emails from seemingly every website that has anything to do with babies, pregnancy, or birth. Then, I check my baby bump out in the mirror, mentally checking off another week passed bringing me closer to our very first meeting.

(unless of course you decide to grace us with your presence early ;) )

Last week we got to see you on a 3D ultrasound and it was so incredible! We saw your chubby cheeks and your little nose. The technician says you definitely have hair and everyone we show the pictures to say that you look like Daddy.

We also had two baby showers this past week and got all kinds of cute pink stuff. I hope you don’t mind that I picked pink for you as your favorite color already, purple just isn’t really our thing. ;)

Now we are in the home stretch, trying to get everything in place for your arrival. The most important thing right now is getting a car seat since we can’t even bring you home from the hospital without it! But it will all come together. Your grandma always like to say “grace under pressure” so I’m going to channel that while we wait for you. I can’t wait to meet you baby girl!

See you soon!

Your Mama


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