Pregnant Dreams

Dear Baby,

I remember a dream back in the early days of my pregnancy. Your dad and I went to go pick up our new baby just like you would go and pick up a package from the post office. In this dream having babies meant going and picking up the baby that had been assigned to you. We walked into a room and there was a tiny baby bundled in blue and your dad said, “I think it’s this one.” I smiled at him and the little baby but knew he was wrong. Then I looked across the room to where a pink bundled baby was with a sign that said “WHEELER”. I led him over to the pink bundle and said “No, this one is ours. See? I told you it was a girl.”

Ever since that dream I was convinced you were a girl. If anyone would ask I would tell them, “It’s a girl! I just have a feeling.” I had plenty of reasons to back it up too. For example, I couldn’t for the life of me think of any boy names. Whenever I would imagine a nursery, it would always be for a girl. When your dad said, “Well it could always be a boy,” I would be shocked. It was almost as if I never considered it.

There were also many “scientific” phenomenon that pointed to you being a girl. Like a regularly measured 160 bpm at the midwife’s office. Or the ring on a string, circling over my belly instead of swaying back and forth. Or my personal favorite, extreme morning sickness and craving only sweets. The latter I attributed to little girl’s being full of “sugar, and spice, and everything nice,” of course I’d crave sweets. :)

But you know what? No one believed me. Not your daddy, not your grandpa; apparently men in our family don’t give a woman’s intuition much validity. That is ok though, because yesterday at our ultrasound you proved them all wrong.

You were stubborn at first, shying away from the ultrasound tech and hiding deep in my right hip so no one could see you. After some rolling around (on my part) and a talking to (on your daddy’s part) you finally came around and we found out that you are indeed a little girl!! I always though I would cry at my first ultrasound, or be really shocked, but it was as if they were telling me something I had known all along. Of course you were a girl. I told them so. ;)

Your dad was pretty funny in there though. He kept asking the Dr. “are you sure?” “how sure are you?” and “everything is ok, right?”. The Dr. assured him that you are perfectly healthy, weigh about 3/4ths of a pound and he was positively sure that you were a girl. You weren’t trying to hide anything apparently :)

Baby girl I can not tell you how excited I am for you to join our family. You have recently starting kicking and rolling around and letting me know you are in there. It is the best feeling in the world. You haven’t kicked hard enough to let your dad in on the fun but that’s ok with me. I like having you all to myself for just a little bit longer.


your momma


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