Pregnant Lady Update

I’ve been a little quiet on the blogger-sphere recently and other than my pathetic rant last post I haven’t said much about my pregnancy. (it still seems so weird to write the words “my pregnancy” btw) So I thought now would be a good time to give a pregnancy update while I’m feeling pretty upbeat and I’m having a day where I can actually eat :)

As of today I am 16 weeks and 5 days pregnant! whoo hooo! Almost half way there!

How am I feeling emotionally?: Some days are better than others. I basically cry over every SPCA commercial and sappy movie. The other day I was bawling as I watched the end of Toy Story 3…it was a moment. Mostly, though, my emotional flare ups are directed at my poor helpless husband and he has been such a trooper taking the heat of my angry hormones. I love that man.

How am I feeling physically?: The first 16 weeks of my pregnancy I spent very close to the porcelain throne here in our apartment. The morning sickness was ROUGH. But the past 5 days I’ve been able to eat real food, (read: hot dogs and taco bell) which has been especially exciting. Also, I am FINALLY rocking a little bump which has been really fun for my self esteem considering I was looking rather flabby there for a bit.

Weight. Let’s talk about it: A whole 5 ounces! Oh you meant my weight? At my last prenatal appt I had actually lost 3 more pounds putting me at a total loss of 10 lbs since my first appt. My midwife assured me that this is perfectly normal and now that the morning sickness is subsiding I should be well on my way to the 25-30 lb recommended weight gain for pregnancy.

Cravings: The only craving I’ve really had so far has been IHOP pancakes. In my pre-pregnancy life i snuffed my nose at IHOP. It was not even an option for breakfast fair, and I would complain immensely if I was ever made to go there. But the past few months, the only food of substance that my poor stomach would succumb to has been two plain pancakes with maple syrup from IHOP and for that I am thankful.

What I’m wearing: It has actually been warm here in Washington (shocking, I know) so my clothing of choice has been tank tops that were too small to wear pre-pregnancy (they hugged all the wrong places) that are now surprisingly “bump-flattering”. Who would have thought?? I haven’t delved into the world of maternity jeans quite yet since my American Eagle skinny jeans are still hanging in there but i know its only a matter of time.

What I miss: I miss being able to do things like dishes or walking short distances without being out of breath and promptly requiring a nap afterward. Also I miss my smaller boobies (sorry for the over share) and having a cold one with my hubby.

What I’m excited for: I’m super excited to find out if its a little guy or gal in there (Sept 30th hurry up!!!) and to feel the baby kick for the first time. I think I’ve felt tiny movements or nudges but I’m not entirely too sure.

That’s the glory of pregnancy so far. I’m sure its about to get a lot more interesting so stay tuned!




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