The Best Day of My Life

My first night in Washington was not nearly as nerve racking as I expected. I was picked up from the airport by a woman named Jessica, the very first Army Wife I ever met. She generously picked me, a random girl from California whom she had never met, up from the airport and allowed me to stay at her home that night. We talked about California and my story, her life as a seasoned Army Wife, and she taught me how to twirl a baton. I did my best to stay up as late as possible that night because I knew every hour I spent sleeping the next morning would be one less hour I would have to wait out my soldiers arrival.

The next day I woke up pretty late, hung around for a few hours, took a two hour nap to pass the time, and spent an entire 3 hours getting ready. I had one shot to hook this guy ;)

We took our time heading to the gym. By this point I was in a pretty good place mentally. I was SO excited to finally be there, in the gym, a place I had envisioned every night for 4 months. I didn’t feel nervous at all (yet), most of this was attributed to the fact that I didn’t really believe it all yet. Yes I was in Washington, yes I had all these Army families around me, but I still didn’t really wrap my head around the fact that the guy I had been staring at through my skype window all this time was a real person! haha

Here Jessica and I are at the gym. We waited there for something like 3 hours before the guys actually came. (plane delay)

and then there was my moment…

Just like you see in all those “coming home” shows, the door rose and they marched in. I swear my heart stopped. I swear I thought I was going to throw up. (I swear I still wanted to look like hot stuff so I decided against it).

And then this

All this time waiting, all these months wondering and now? I CANT EVEN TELL WHICH ONE HE IS! They all look the same and they stood like this for what seemed like forever.

Needless to say, they finally dispersed, I met my Army man with a ridiculous smile that he mirrored and we stood there staring at each other like giddy fools. He wrapped his arm around me, escorting me to the parking lot where we shared our first kiss and the rest my friends, is history.

Well sort of.

We got married almost exactly two months later…minor detail ;)




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