Parking Lot Groupie

Currently I sit in the parking lot of the Mr.’s Company. If you are a military wife and you have ever had to share a car with you significant other then you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

It usually goes something like this. My husband calls and tells me to meet him at a specified time. Tonight that time was 2245 (10:45 pm). So I get here, let him know I’m waiting and assume the reclined position that I literally have programed into my electronic car sear. It’s know as “driver 2”. I kick my feet up and immediately dial into Angry Birds. Can you tell I’m going to be here for awhile??

Now it’s midnight and he is still “waiting to be released”. My favorite phrase of all time.

This probably wouldn’t be to big of a deal if it weren’t for the fact that WE HAVE TWO CARS!!!

They’ve been shooting at the ranges since 5 am so being the caring wife that I am and not wanting my husband to fall asleep at the wheel, I volunteered for this.

The lesson tonight is this. The Army is all “hurry up an wait” and that extends to the spouses. On the bright side, you can get REALLY good at Angry Birds :)




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