Keep Your Yapper Shut

“You knew what you were getting yourself into!”

Thank you friends and family for stating the obvious.

Here is the truth though: I never had a choice.

I didn’t fall in love with the Army, I fell in love with the man. It wouldn’t have mattered if the Mr. was a college student, a plumber, a banker, or a contractor, and for many spouses they don’t LOVE the Army, they deal with it because they love the man.

Now I’m not saying the Mr.’s Army career didn’t play a HUGE role in our relationship, we wouldn’t be together today if not for his career choice. However, I find it very frustrating that every time I even mention an aspect of the Army that might be less than stellar someone is always quick to respond with, “Well when you got married you knew what you were getting into!



I guess as long as you know what you are getting yourself into than you better keep your mouth shut.

So all you parents out there who want to vent about your kids.

You knew what you were getting into.

All those college students out there complaining and stressed about finals, stop right there!

You knew what you were getting into.

You there! The person with a job! Why are you upset that you must work on this beautiful sunny day?

Stop it.

You knew this was what you signed up for, right?


Not to mention, I get this classic one-liner even when I say something like: “Ya, he’s at work right now.”


“The gate guards are sticklers about cell phone use”


“The airplanes fly over our apartment all the time.”

My bad, clearly I should have considered all these possibilities before I wrote to my first pen pal.

I should have known I would fall in love with him and wind up getting married 6 months later.

I guess that’s what I get for a lack of prior planning.


Thank you all for listening to my little rant. I promise this will be followed up by a RAVE tomorrow :)




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