My Bubble

I’m selfish.


but who isn’t from time to time?


I’m controlling.


Mostly of my life and situations, but as the Mr. will tell you it sometimes flares up enough to singe him a bit too.


I am a worry-wart and a planner.


Two things my husband is not, but also two things he doesn’t quite understand.


Why worry? Why stress? Why plan?


It’s the Southerner in him, I swear.


What you should know it that all the traits listed above in NO WAY correspond with Army Life.


I am selfish: The Army must always come first.


I’m controlling: The Army has the control. (not me, go figure)


I am a worry-wart: The Army gives you PLENTY to worry about


I am a planner: The Army CONSTANTLY changes their minds, and consequently, ALL of our plans.


Since getting married into the Army I have made a conscious effort to go with the flow and try not to get upset at things I can not change.


So the Mr. was supposed to have the day off. Oh, they want you to come in? Ok.


The Army doesn’t really give a rat’s behind if I’m sad or disappointed or if I haven’t held a conversation with my husband in more than a week.


I’ve learned to work inside my bubble. Only focusing on the things I can change.


As an Army Wife that bubble is very teeny tiny, but you know what? Teeny tiny is much easier to manage.


Who knew?





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