The Countdown

Why is it that the older you get, the less excited you are for your birthday?


I have always been one of those people who have birth-months not birth-days and I have always looked forward to planning a party and being the center of attention for awhile–sorry, but I am an Aries after all ;)


But this year I got nothin’.


Not as in I haven’t received anything yet..


as in I’ve got no umph.


Is it because I live two states away from my family and friends?


Is it because I know the Mr. will be working the majority of that day?


Is is because my special day falls on a Sunday this year?


Or the tides are high?



Ok, I’m kidding about the last one.


I just don’t get it…


Either way, while I might not being having a birthday celebration ON my birthday this year, I will be going out with my fellow Army Wives the following weekend and will be ending my birth-month with 3 of my favorite ladies in Sin City.


That’s right friends, I am headed to Vegas.


This gives me plenty of time to get excited.


And it’s not too late for you to do some last minute shopping ;)


just sayin’





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