I am in AWE

read this:http://lewisunderground.com/topic.jsp?topicId=11631985


I usually don’t like to even give Lewis Underground my time of day, but sometimes I can’t resist.


For those of you who don’t know, Lewis Underground basically a big chat room where Army wives (or who ever really) can chat about various things going on on post or in their personal life.


This particular post made me feel sick to my stomach.


I’m just in awe really.


I can’t believe people can be so angry and malicious to each other. And do it so publicly?


Especially since they’ve been there before.



This is the thing with military wives (some, not all, I’m making generalizations here). They are Mean Girls. And not like the ditzy blond one, they are like the Rachel McAdams Mean Girl. What was her name again?….Sorry, tangent ;)


Basically what happened in the post (linked above) was a military wife (probably preparing for her first deployment) made the mistake of saying she missed her husband.




And some lifer’s (a soldier who is making a career out of the military) wife, felt the need to one up this poor girl, explaining how her husband is gone for a year and she has it so much worse.


Then the girl, who I’m sure was just trying to end the drama at the source, deleted her.


alert the media.


Apparently, due to being deleted, this woman took such offense and felt it necessary to write a nasty and vicious post about her publicly on a website.




This is what I have learned about military wives and what baffles me so much.


They always think they have it worse, and unless your husband has been deployed 10 times, has sustained an injury (or three) while in combat, was captured by the enemy, lost contact with you for months on end, and returned after over a year by the skins of the teeth, than you can not POSSIBLY miss your husband or know what it’s like to be sad he is gone.


You have no idea what hurt is.





I just can’t believe it. Granted, I’ve only been a military wife for 6 months but this whole idea seems a little backwards to me.


Shouldn’t it be more of an, “I know how that goes, I’ve been there, let me know if you need anything and keep your head up” sort of situation.


I’m not going to reiterate the whole “we are fighting the same war” cliche, don’t worry.


All I’m saying is that as wives, especially wives with more experience dealing with the military, we shouldn’t shut out people or try to one up them.


The girl misses her husband, and I’m pretty sure no matter how many deployments, field exercises, full schedules, and TDY’s you stack up, you still miss your husband.


Just be there for one another or keep your mouth shut. And try to have some class while you’re at it.


Believe it or not, blasting someone publicly over a chat room site doesn’t exactly make people think you are a good person or that you’d make a great friend.


Here’s to loving your sisters :)






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