Meatloaf Failure.

Disclaimer: I make a kick butt meatloaf


Disclaimer #2: I use a recipe from a popular food blog, so technically she makes a kick butt meatloaf.




Disclaimer #3: My husband thinks I make a kick butt meatloaf that is all my own. I plan to keep it that way.




Today my kick butt meatloaf failed. I have to say this is solely because I was trying to be thrifty and prior plan.


Growing up my dad always had this saying. “PPP, Tiffany, Prior Planning Pays”. No Dad, today I learned that is not always the case. I guess I should get to explaining!


So there is this meatloaf recipe. It is amazing. I’m not one for meatloaf normally but this one has tons of parmesan cheese in it, it is covered in bacon, and you cover it with a homemade spicy ketchup so I HAD to try it.


So I made, the Mr. loved it, and that was that. The Wheeler’s now had a “family recipe” for meatloaf that I could pass on for years and years stamped as “my signature recipe”. Whoo hoo!


This recipe also make a GIANT loaf, and since it is just the two of us for the time being, I thought to myself, “Hey! Why don’t I divide it and freeze half! That way we can have meatloaf in a pinch!”


I felt like a genius :)


Well tonight was the night, I set the loaf out to defrost this morning, went to bake it up and then disaster struck:


We are out of bacon.



Deep breaths, deep breaths, it’s ok. This meatloaf has to be good alone, it’s not like bacon makes the meal right?




The meatloaf was a failure.


I mean on the grand meatloaf scale it’s probably like a 6 or 7 which isn’t bad.


and I guess the Mr. will still eat it. (guys, psh)


But I’m pretty disappointed :(


On the bright side Apollo was a fan.



So much for thrifty-ness.





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