The Lonely Hearts Club



I’m not one to actively complain about Army Life.


In fact, most days I really do love it. I love being able to flash my ID at the gate, the little decal on my car that gets me onto post, being able to see helicopters flying over my car and landing a mere 100 yards away, the great perk of tax free goods, and the joys of free health care and not having to work.


Because of the sacrifice my husband has made to serve our country, a decision he made way before he even knew me, I am able to focus my energy on house keeping, school, and spending time with my Army Wife friends. It sounds boring to my college friends but I really do love it. Being a housewife was all I ever wanted to be, after all.


Recently, however, the Army Life has been wearing on me.


It’s not so much the Army Life per say, but more the work schedule required of my Mr. and his job as a Military Police Officer.


{Now before I get into this let me assure you that I in NO way thought military life would be easy, and I know I signed up for this life. I don’t regret my decision one bit, but a girl’s gotta vent from time to time!}


During the work week I maybe see the Mr. a total of 5 hours. His schedule sucks! Prior to him working this schedule he was so excited and continued to assure me that this will be so great! “We will get to spend so much time together!” he said.


I’m still waiting! :)


Basically our day goes like this:


The Mr. goes to PT at 3:00 pm


I spend the day cleaning or hanging out with my lady friends and then go to bed around 11:00pm


The Mr. comes home at 3:00am and tries to start up a conversation with me while…


I’m fast asleep drooling on our down comforter and splayed out across our bed.


I tell him to go to sleep.


He keeps talking to me :)


I wake up around 9 and head to the gym


I bother him to wake up about every hour from 11-2


I accept defeat.


The Mr. wakes up at 2:45 with just enough time to throw on some PTs and run out the door.


Goodbye Husbanddd!!.




Now I KNOW he works hard for us. I am so proud of my husband and so thankful for what he does for us. And I KNOW the man has to sleep! I’m not mad that he’s sleeping I promise you.


My problem is having him home, but sleeping, is the worst tease ever!


He’s here so I want to spend time with him, but then I know he needs to sleep.



Why must I like him so much??



So there is my rant and rave for the evening. Hopefully his schedule will be switching up soon and I will get all the husband time I want…and then some ;)





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