I’m Still Alive!

I’m still alive I swear! I have been so irritated lately because the blogging app I use to update this post while I’m on the go hasn’t been working out and I have so much to share.


Today I realized that making friends on any military installation is a lot harder than you might think.


With the separation created by branch, rank, communities, and units it is almost impossible to meet people, let alone form friendships.


For example, say you are a new Army wife and you are at an event for military spouses (the post/base puts on convention type events for spouses to get out and mingle). You see a girl who dresses similarly to you and looks around the same age, you check her hand to see that she too is married and then you prepare yourself to start up a casual conversation-


I’ll pause her to point out the fact that making girlfriends is very similar to dating, and you know it. You start out with a girl crush, this girl is cool and you could see yourself being friends, you go on a “girl date” and then BAM you are in a relationship friendship.


But in the military setting it is so much harder! This girl has to be married for one, or it will be hard for her to understand what military life/married life is like. She has to be affiliated with the same branch (Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines) or she might not associate with you. Her husband has to be of or around the same rank as your spouse- too high ranking and she isn’t allowed to associate with you by Army standards, too low ranking and YOU aren’t allowed to associate with her. Then, if all this checks out, you have to hope she isn’t one of those wives that will stab you in the back or gossip behind your back. Sounds silly but I have heard MANY horror stories. Don’t reveal your secrets right away!


This Army Life sometimes reminds me of high school with all the drama and cliques but as I age I’m starting to think girl drama will be where ever girls are.


Lord help me. :)





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