Baby Sitting

I’m never going to need to have my own kids! I have the perfect set up.


When I first moved to Washington I decided to make a conscious effort to make friends with other wives who were sans kids like myself. I wanted to find wives my age and who never had to find a babysitter just to go and do something.


Silly me!


Everyone (or most everyone) has kids in the military if they are married. Since I have been here I have only met one other spouse without kids!


But little did I know, friends with kids are the best kind to have. I get to spend so much time with my friends’ young children an babies that I have no need to have my own children.


Babysitting is now one of my favorite past times because I can essentially rent-a-baby, then head home to my quiet apartment with just me, the Mr. and Apollo. :)


Silence can be so blissful.


But for now, I am spending the evening with two of the cutest boys and couldn’t be happier.


Today I am loving my Army Wife Life. <3



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