Random Thoughts

I have a pretty new blog! I love pink so I thought it was a little bit of a misrepresentation of me if I had an olive green blog (and it just screamed HOOAH a little too much).


My Mr. has to work on his day off tomorrow :( this means after 5 12-14 hour days I got to see him for one day, and now he starts a 6 day work week of more 12-14 hour days.






My cat is a heathen. I don’t even think that is how you spell that word but it doesn’t matter. He’s a brat. He has made a sport out of going into hunter mode, attacking me, and then running away! Not a huge issue if I’m awake and can see it coming but he does it when I’m asleep! I have the scratches and scars to prove it….ugh.


I am exhausted. I have successfully completed 4 days of running and workouts. WHOO HOO! But I am SO tired and my muscles have had enough. I think I deserve a day of recovery, hopefully I jump right back in on Thursday. (fingers crossed)


I just want you all to know that I just LOVE blogging again and thank you so so much for your wonderful feedback and encouraging words! If you like my blog and check back frequently please feel free to hit the “follow” button or follow me on twitter :)


[shameless plug :) ]


For now I am off to a relaxing bath for these very sore muscles and a serious attempt to turn in early for the evening.


Wish me luck!




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