I Heart Running??

For those of you who know me I despise running.


despise it.


I know a lot of people say that but honestly I have good solid reasons.


1) God graciously blessed me up north. (for lack of better words, I have some larger sisters and finding a sports bra to support these babies is tough (and expensive) work!)


2) I can never find “my stride”…it just doesn’t happen.


3) I have a ridiculously short attention span so I tend to get bored just doing the same thing for too long.


Despite all this I have always envied those people who just “love” to run. How can you actually LOVE something like that? But the fact of the matter is these freaks of nature always have some kick butt bodies and THAT is what I want.


Let me just give you a very real idea of what I’m facing at the moment.


one word…..







or is it dependipotimi?



either way it is: dependant+hippopotimus=dependipotimus


basically these individuals are a specific breed of army wife. They wear bits and pieces of their husband uniform to the commissary (PT shirts, ACU fleece jackets, etc.), they have kids back to back while continuously gaining baby weight upon baby weight, they refuse to wear bras, they still use the dreaded hair scrunchy.


I can not turn into one of these women.


I’ll be honest, I am not the size 4 I once was in high school. I have gone through many phases that all glorify weight gain.

The Freshman 15

The Sophomore Beer Gut (it happens when you party a lot apparently)

The Happily Married Weight

The “I’m comfortable and in love” Weight (ok, so I made that one up)


Either way, my life is quickly approaching the years of Baby Weight gain and I am scared to death!


What I’m trying to tell you all (in the most long winded way possible) is that I have got to get it together! I have to start working out now so that I can work out both during and after pregnancy. And I have to learn to like running. I just have to. So you all have to root me on and I will keep you posted. My goal at this point is to run a 5k without walking. At this point I can run 2:30 straight….as in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. I guess that’s progress.


So here’s to losing the baby weight before I even have a twinkle in my eye! Talk about prior planning! It’s amazing what being surrounded by mothers all the time will do to a college girl.


Please send help :)






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