The Real Army Wives

Before I married into this military world I was under the impression that my life would be EXACTLY like the Lifetime series, Army Wives. I would spend my days hanging out with the post commander’s wife, running errands with a generals wife, frequenting the FRG meetings, and volunteering at various moral boosting functions.




Not the case.




The real Army Wife Life consists of endless amounts of ACU (Army Combat Uniform, for you normal people) colored laundry, trying to find things to fill your time while your husband is working 15 hr days, finding friends that aren’t talking about you while your back is turned, and getting excited over things like pomegranate scented dish soap and new vacuum cleaners.


It seems that over night I worry about piles of laundry instead of dance team performances. What happened here?!


Where are my stylish Claudia Joy outfits, reminiscent of the J. Crew catalogue? What about the spitfire Special Forces wife whose supposed to be my bestie??


Why has Army Wives led me astray??


The truth is, a post commander’s wife would never be friends with a new privates wife. And a Special Forces wife wouldn’t necessarily be hanging out with a general’s wife. And they sure as heck wouldn’t be hanging out in

a beautifully decorated gazebo outside of the post commander’s house. At least that is my experience thus far.


On the bright side, it is possible to find some pretty awesome friends who are crazy, ACU purse toting, PT shirt wearing, crazies. And that, my friends, in a very good thing.


I am so blessed to have found the friends that I have here, without them I may have been found at the bottom of a laundry pile by now.


Thanks ladies!


So the lesson here is pretty straight forward, don’t believe everything you see on TV (duh!)


BTW: The new season of Army Wives premiers on March 6th (just saying)


Until tomorrow-




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