Where did my college stomach go?

I recall the early days of college, when my alcohol consumption was plenty and my worries were few.


Today I awoke with a red wine headache and some horrible guilt relating to the copious amounts of Jack in the Box I drunkenly consumed last night after a seemingly innocent girl date. One of my fellow army wives and I shared a bottle of wine and a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy and next thing I know I’m on the heavier end of tipsy, trying to maneuver down some snow covered steps to my husband’s car. It was not a pretty sight.


After realizing I was a teensy bit inebriated, my husband, the junk food connoisseur that he is, suggested a run through the Jack in the Box drive through. Where did it all go wrong??


Let me remind you all that six months ago this scene was an every weekend occurrence. Not only that, but after way more alcohol (from many different countries of origin) I was able to bounce right back, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, the very next morning.


I ask you this my friends:


Where did my college stomach go??


From the comfort of my bed,









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