Germany Bound! (kind of)

Big news everyone!!


We (might) be headed to Germany! (someday)


Not as exciting as you may have originally hoped but I assure you this is BIG NEWS!


Since the Mr. and I got married (a whole 4 months ago) I have been trying to convince him to go abroad.


When I was an average college student I had BIG PLANS to travel abroad and I told myself that getting married didn’t necessarily kill those dreams, I just had to find a different way to make it happen. I think the Army is the perfect avenue. Travel the world, live abroad, and all on the Army’s dime :)


My Mr, however, has never been very keen on the idea. Washington is the first place he’s really gone other than Georgia so he thinks this place is the bee’s knee’s. If he had it his way we would live and die here….I do not agree.


But my friends, we had a breakthrough!!


A few nights ago we were discussing the possibility of reenlsitments and our future with or without the Army and Mr. said (all on his own), “if we reenlist, we will reenlist for Germany”(!!!!)


This is HUGE.


He usually hates the idea of traveling anywhere.


But WE WILL (or will not) be living in GERMANY!!! (maybe)




I never thought I’d be so happy to hear the word “maybe”



We are making progress people! :D





In other news: today it is snowing :)


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