Hello Hello!

Hello everyone! As some of you may (or most likely do not) know this past summer I started blogging. I was a whopping 6 posts strong until I was blindsided by a man in camo. It would appear that the puffy cloud I was ceaselessly floating around on for weeks on end had little concern for my very fragile infantile blog and consequently it has spent the last 4 or so months at a very sad, but real, stand still.


Let me assure you I had every intention of continue to blog at Love, Chocolate, and Things that Sparkle, however, my life has changed DRASTICALLY since my last post and I feel that a new blog site should accompany my brand new life that I have started here with the hubby in Washington.


Sooo, that being said, here is my brand new blog: College Life to Army Wife. The name is pretty self explanatory and instead of posts regarding my life surrounded by college parties and basketball games, I can talk about my crazy married life and dependipotimuses (more on that later) :)


So stay tuned and until tomorrow I will leave you with an incredibly vain picture of my cat.







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