The Woes of a Blogging Girl

Adjective: Frank in stating one’s opinions, esp. if they are critical or controversial.

Ok, so I admit it. I am very outspoken.

To some, depending on your personality and how thick-skinned you are, I might be a tad bit abrasive. I tend to say exactly what I mean, and I usually allow my words to just spew out of my mouth before the traditional run through the mental filter.

Its good and bad I suppose.

On any given day you usually know exactly what I’m thinking and how I’m feeling about any given topic.

However, to those who might not like the truth in such a raw and unrefined state, this could be a huge character flaw of mine.

Either way, in the blogging world, I can not be this way. (sigh)

Lately, with my new found love of blogging, I have realized that this blog is not all mine and I can not write whatever, whenever, as I had originally anticipated.

Allow me to explain.

Recently my thoughts have been consumed with blog posting. Every thought or encounter that I may have on a daily basis (that has some potential to be expanded on and contemplated) I think in blogging. I think about what I might have to say about the issue, or how I could wrap my words around an event like a tiny little package, ready to be sent out via the World Wide Web.

I suppose it’s a lot like Carrie Bradshaw. You know? During all the SITC episodes she is narrating herself through her life, or latest issue with Big. ;)

That is what my internal dialogue has become (minus Big.)

What does this have to do with you being outspoken, Tiffany? Get to the point.

Ok Ok, I’m being verbose. I promise there IS a point to all this.

My problem is this:

When I have something really good to write about, I can’t.

I can’t always write about what I want because this blog is public. And, chances are, the person who inspired said blog post would most likely read it, get all indignant, and then poof: another person rubbed the wrong way by my abrasive tendencies.

I mean no harm, you just inspired me. Isn’t that a good thing??

If you knew the topics, probably not. But I will say this:

These topics will be written about sooner or later, just maybe when they aren’t so relevant to my personal life.

SO frustrating, Oh Carrie Bradshaw, How did you do it?

Send me your guidance….



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