Mommy/Daddy’s Girl?

Have you noticed, that as you get older, you seem to be suddenly replenished with this need for Mom/Dad time?

Or maybe it’s just me.

But it’s the craziest thing. When I was in high school I was rarely EVER home. Always jetting off to work, rehearsals, practices, youth groups, study groups, friends houses, boyfriends houses, always running. If my mom or dad even had a moment to talk to me I was usually talking over them, trying desperately to get them to make their point as I inched closer and closer to the front door before making a swift exit.

My high school years blurred together in a very similar wave of dances, football games, heartbreak, and car rides with my best friends. The four years came to a sudden halt ending with graduation, the period at the end of the final sentence in that huge novel you’ve been struggling to complete. You try so hard and are so eager to finish the story, chasing the characters across the pages, urging them to get on with it already. But after that last chapter you stare at the blank page between the text and the back cover and you feel an emptiness at the pit of your stomach, wondering why you were so eager for it to be over in the first place… So I started packing for college.

Even after the journey to Monterey and the two days of moving me into my new dorm room, I was still so eager to move on, rushing my parents down the stairs and giving an uncomfortable chuckle when my Dad paused a moment too long at the threshold between my dorm hall and the stairwell.

But now…now it is so different.

Now i crave that attention and that one on one time. I;m always trying to get my mom to tag along on stupid little outings like the grocery store or Rite-Aid. And as if that’s not sad enough, I always get my feeling hurt if she says no. Haha

What is this sudden need for Mommy and Daddy time? Is it because we realize now, at this age, that life is speeding by and we won’t always be able to be that little girl any more?

Is it because they are moving on without us, adjusting to life with us as a “every once in awhile” instead of a constant?

Or maybe it’s because we don’t see them all the time, so we try to make up for lost time by being needy and regressing back to our 10 year-old-selves.

Whatever it is, the most challenging aspect of this is that they are shocked. They don’t understand why we get so upset if they say no to a Rite-Aid trip or post pone a shopping trip or invite some new friend of theirs to dinner. They don’t quite understand why or how it happened that suddenly we are clingy to them like infants. And I don’t think we really understand either. But what ever the reason, i think it is a blessing in disguise. Not everyone wants to even see their parents, much less spend time with them. So if this is you, then don’t back down. Make them hang out with you.

There is a song by Baz Luhrmann called Wear Sunscreen and in this song, or speech rather, there are so many worthy quotes, life lessons, and words of wisdom that it does a person good to read it or hear it from time to time (I personally have a printed version in my room as I write this).

Anyways, Mr. Lurhmann says this “Get to know your parents. You never know when they’ll be gone for good.
Be nice to your siblings. They’re your best link to your past and the people most likely to stick with you in the future. Understand that friends come and go, but with a precious few you should hold on.”

I think this quote really explains why I am so needy for quality time with my family at this time in my life, and hopefully that will continue.

It will mean a lot when they are gone.

This is my family after our first summer working together. This is also the only recent family photo we have. :)



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