Life Revelations at the Age of 20

Ok so I guess this will be my Grand Canyon post, but not in the way I (or you probably) expected.

Prior to coming home from school this summer I had just finished mapping out the next 3 semesters of college. For the next year and a half of my life I was to spend my time carrying 20+ units, taking summer school, and cramming as many service learning, capstones, and liberal studies courses I possibly could, all culminating in a BA in Liberal Studies completed in 3 1/2 years. Impressive? Probably.

But that isn’t the plan anymore my friends.

And this is why:

Let me start by saying, I don’t get out very much. I mean,..I do, but I don’t at the same time. I take road trips, I go to parties, I love to get out and do new things, but all in the happy little comfort zone I have built around myself. My travels RARELY cross the California State line, and usually involve my best friends and doing things we’ve all done before.

This time was very different.

Lauren mentioned the idea of going to the Grand Canyon back in January, and since we aren’t the best when it comes to following through with plans, I nonchalantly agreed and went on my way. I mean, it was 6 months away! Why worry about it now?

Well, those 6 months passed very quickly, and after some minor setbacks regarding money and transportation (gotta love being a college student) we were on our way. Not only was I worried about the whole camping aspect (as previously discussed here on LC&TTS) but also I don’t normally “do things like this”. I said that a lot to myself during our trip to the Grand Canyon, but the fact of the matter was, I was doing it!

I didn’t realize then what a life changing trip this would end up being but the things I did learn was

1. I can do a lot more then I give myself credit for
2. Life is short
3. I spend a lot of time trying to rush through to the next phase of life (being an “adult”, having a career, etc.)
4. These are the days every adult I know looks back on and says “remember when we…”
5. I want to have a lot of things to “remember when” about when I’m old.

So basically what I’m saying here is that the whole idea of rushing through college and being graduated in 3 1/2 yrs, while it WOULD be pretty impressive, would also be incredibly stupid.

These are the days to savor. To drink in, filling our bellies with life experiences, and distant places. World Wonders and fairy tales. To fill our lungs with the air of different continents.

I didn’t realize how many things I want to do with my life until I was standing on the precipice of that canyon with two of my best friends and acknowledging the fact that three girls from Roseville, California made it all the way to the Grand Canyon.

I was so impressed with us and realized right then and there that we are pretty kick ass.

So my plan now is to take a comfortable amount of time with this college thing and remember that life is going to be a lot more difficult later on than a 6 page essay or a final exam. I’m going to travel a lot more, stop making excuses to push things off until “some day” and do my best to really LIVE.

After that I want to take a year off and be an Au Pair in some other country and then we will go from there. Granted this could all change in the next five minutes, but for now I’m sticking to it :)

Me, Robyn and Lauren after our very successful hike INTO the canyon. Exhausted but very proud. :)


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