Not a Grand Canyon Post

So, I’m slacking on the Grand Canyon post, again, but I just felt really inspired by a quote I just read and would MUCH rather write about that than the GC, no offense to one of the wonders of the world.

The quote is this:

“Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we learn.”

And since the very first word in the title of my blog is that wonderful four-lettered expression we have all grown to love, hate, or envy, I found it to be a pretty fitting topic. (and after all it is MY blog and I doubt my whole four readers care if I stay on topic.)

As I have said many times over, I love love. This love for love does have its peaks and valleys and on a really bad day if a stranger came up to me and said “I love love” to me I might give them one of my signature nostril flares and stomp in the opposite direction. But at the end of the day, in most cases, I love love.

But this quote made me think…

Are we born with a fear of love?

And my answer, thus far, is no.

We come out of the womb all sparkly and new. Our hearts are whole and we are more than willing to love anything and anyone. Think about it.

Baby’s love everything. They look around the room, or the park, or the department store with wide-eyed wonderment, taking in every single thing around them. Babies have so much love to give; to their parents, their families, their teddies, their blankets, their silly little pacifier. It doesn’t matter what it is or who you are, chances are that baby loves you, or is at least intrigued by you. ;)

So then I thought…

Where does the fear creep in?

I think the answer to that one starts sooner than we think.

My first instinct here was to talk about heart break and young love and being dumped for the first time in 6th grade when your ‘boyfriends’ best friend comes up to you during P.E. and tells you so-and-so doesn’t want to be your boyfriend anymore. Devastating? Yes. But I’m not sure that’s where it begins.

I think fear starts really really young. When your best friend says something mean, or a girl doesn’t invite you to her birthday party. You get your feelings hurt.

When your parents let you down or aren’t who you think they are, you take a little stab to the heart.

I think fear comes from being let down by people and little by little you learn that the only person you can depend on is you and you have to protect yourself from heartache. So, really, being fearful or cautious with your heart in any way what-so-ever is just as natural to us as breathing by this point.

Many people will read this and think I’m just another one of those girls who have been hurt in the past and is trying to justify being jaded or insecure, but I promise you that is not the case.


All of this segues into another quote.

This time by one of my best friends, Lauren Elizabeth Ficklin. (Lauren forgive me if I totally butcher this, you said it much more eloquently in the car.)

“Being jaded isn’t permanent. It’s like, when you’re little, you’re rushing water, taking it all in. When you start growing up you are like play-doh. Soft and impressionable, you’re being formed into who you will be. And when you get even older, you are hard, set as the person you will pretty much be for the rest of your life. Being jaded isn’t apart of your shape though, it’s like dust. It settles around you after a messy break up and may alter the way you look for awhile, but all it takes is someone to come along and blow all the dust off, reminding you of what you liked like before the storm.”

Now tell me THAT doesn’t belong on a card or in a quote book or something.

It is sooo true.

And at the end of that little diddy, just like at the end of the day, love is an amazing thing and without it life would be pretty boring.

Just my opinion of course :)

No matter what happens, I still love love. <3


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